Monday, 7 July 2008

And once more I'm furious.

Jojo Jako Yakob, who was tortured in his native Syria for being gay (initially arrested for distributing anti-government leaflets, tortured after police discovered his sexuality). So the Asylum Immigration Tribunal in Scotland have decided to deport him, saying he'll be perfectly safe as long as he behaves discreetly. Perfectly safe, in a country where queers are tortured and executed and where the authorities already know who he is. Perfectly safe in a country where he's been tortured already. Not only is this a disgusting stain on our national morals but it's illegal to deport someone to torture and death according to international law. Not that anyone gives a shit about that anymore. Scotland's apparently a nation of drunken, cretinous bigots, I am ashamed of my country. The only thing we can do is to track down the members of the Asylum Immigration Tribunal, shred their eyes with our fingers, tear the lips of their faces, wrench out their tongues with pliers, mutilate their genitals, sodomize them with broken bottles, shatter their kneecaps, burn them alive in their beds and tell them that they'd have been safe if only they'd been more discreet write a strongly worded letter to our MP's, MSP's, the Home Secretary and whoever else we can think of in protest.

I think my misanthropy levels have just spiked.

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Anonymous said...

Here is a blog about LGBT asylum seekers. Sometimes there is good news!

Shadownose x